Fix the Fox - Benefit Concert

At the epicenter of the music scene in Utah, there is Velour Live Music Gallery. And the genius and dear friend behind Velour is Corey Fox. Other than hosting all of our shows, he has also done the art direction for many music videos of Utah based artists (as well as many well known bands outside of Utah). Corey has helped all of us and now it's our turn to help him. You see, right now he could really use a kidney. He is on a long wait list and he is at a point where time is of the essence. 

On April 29th and 30th Velour will be hosting a two-night benefit concert featuring some of its most successful artists. Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons will take the stage Friday April 29th. Tickets go on sale April 23rd from 2-5 pm at Velour for $300. Saturdays performance will include The Moth & the Flame and Fictionist (Tickets are on sale now here.) Ticket sales will contribute to Corey's surgery costs and to help support Velour while closed this summer. 

Monetary donations are also extremely helpful at this time. Read how you can help here.

We love you Corey!